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#StartMyBusinessToday Program: Twelve Steps in 12 Weeks

In this Program with one of the top women Innovators by the U.S. Department of Labor, Judi and the Imagine Team will support you every step on the way of starting a business.

Here’s what you’ll discover with Judi and the Imagine Team in this transformative 12-week Program:

Step 1: Start My Business

Learn powerful personal transformation techniques!

Step 2: Idea Lab

Create your Executive Summary vision!

Step 3: #BankableBusinessPlan

Understand the basics of the #BankableBusinessPlan.

Step 4: Market Research

Discover resources to quantify your industry, 3 Target Markets, and Market Share.

Step 5: Products and Services

What’s your #1? What’s your #WinningBusinessIdea?

Step 6: Marketing and Selling

How do you reach your 3 Target Markets? What’s your Sales Funnel?

Step 7: Social Media

Figure out social media strategies.

Step 8: Effective Websites

What makes a good website?

Step 9: Board of Advisors

How will you incorporate?

Step 10: Profit

What’s your Expenses, Income, and Break-Even?

Step 11: Operations

What will it cost you Time, Money, or People?

Step 12: Funding

Who are your earliest supporters? How will you fund your #WinningBusinessIdea?

* Buy the #StartMyBusinessToday E-Book for more technical information. Funding is not an option.

** Need start-up capital to test your idea? Do the DIY and go for funding! Online DIY classes start anytime and end in 12 weeks!

*** Personalized Abundance Coaching or Business Consulting available on request.

Step 1: Start My Business

In #StartMyBusinessToday, we begin with YOU ~ the entrepreneur. As Judi helps you to realize the reasons of why you may not have succeeded in the past, she helps you discover the patterns that have stopped you before and teaches you powerful transformative techniques to set you on a new course of success. You’ll start to transcend your old thinking and come to realize that this is really your time to shine, Imagineers! In this introductory week, you will…

  • Take an assessment on motivation.
  • Understand how you deal with the unknown.
  • Learn powerful transformative techniques.
  • Start anchoring into a new home of abundant success.

Get ready for your new visions to become a reality! The heart and soul of your new life and business come alive in this first class as Judi guides you deeper on the next steps.

Step 2: Idea Lab

In week 2, Judi spurs your creativity as you throw your new ideas up on a blank sheet of paper or board. She challenges to you “Believe” as she takes you through your blocks of writing an Executive Summary and draws parallels on human development theories to help you chart your personal course of destiny and financial fate. By the end of Week 2, you will…

  • Complete a draft Executive Summary.
  • Believe that your dreams can become an actual reality.
  • Finally figure out how your business fits into your life and begin to make the necessary changes in your life.

The spirit of your budding business idea is born in this week! Throughout the rest of the Program, you will take care of your newborn and nourish it with new knowledge.

Step 3: #BankableBusinessPlan

As you continue, you will learn about the business plan process and understand what makes a business plan “bankable”. This week is more technical in nature as the subtle changes of the last week deepen. In Week 3, you will…

  • Understand why people write a business plan.
  • Know that every business has challenges that can be overcome.
  • Discover how to make a business plan “bankable”.
  • Finally start brainstorming on who you will serve in your business!

The business plan is the lungs of your business. In this week, we breathe new life into your business. With every breath, you begin to feel a sense of freedom, passion, and opportunity as you and your budding business idea grow.

Step 4: Market Research

In this step, we bring out our favorite writing utensil and a cup of our perkiest beverage as we cross the line into “Do.” Judi helps you tackle any fears you may have in working with numbers. We hold your hand as you research your Target Market, industry, and Market Share. We got you covered! We’ll even connect you to local people who can help you do the research. This week tends to be more challenging, so leave extra time to get down with your numbers. In Week 4, you will…

  • Dissolve your fears around numbers.
  • Begin to realize your business idea in calculating your Target Markets.
  • Discover new tools and free resources to help you figure out your numbers.
  • Feel a greater sense of relief as you know that you are not alone and don’t have to research through the confusion of the internet by yourself.
  • Feel more empowered as you realize your potential.
  • Understand what’s working as you clarify your budding business idea!

From this week on, your budding business idea is hungry for numbers. It’s the food of your business. Don’t leave your baby starving, or you will too. You begin to enter a state of number nirvana from this step forth.

Step 5: Products & Services

In this step, you’ll figure out your potential Products & Services that you can develop in phases. Through an assessment, Judi will guide you to your #winningbusinessidea. You must start to choose your top 2 ideas to concentrate on throughout the rest of the Program. That’s the only way you can see and test how it will work. In Week 5, you will…

  • Analyze your portfolio of business ideas.
  • Choose #1 and #2.
  • Feel a growing ownership of your business and your life.
  • Learn about the basics of pitching.
  • Become more powerful as you practice and adjust the marketing language of your #1 and #2!
  • Feel more clarity and a sense of security in your business idea.
  • Begin to align your life and business in very clear and purposeful way.

This week you’ll begin look your budding business in the eyes. Like an eye exam you’ll figure out #1 or #2. You understand that the shape and color of its eyes may change, but your confidence expands as you start laser focus on your #winningbusinessidea. Polished, posed, and professional ~ that’s YOU!

Step 6: Marketing and Sales

In this week, you’ll whittle down to your #1. Judi will help you assess your Marketing, create an actionable Sales Funnel, and perfect your Pitch. You’ll study the language of business and speak like an MBA graduate. You’ll also write a draft of your #BankableBusinessPlan after you finished this step. Give yourself extra time to review and compose an up-to-date and integrated draft from previous steps. In Week 6, you will…

  • Understand the 4 Ps of Marketing and how to create value.
  • Research your competitors.
  • Figure out your Features & Benefits.
  • Sketch out your Sales Funnel.
  • Learn how handle initial rejection and practice for your potential customers’ objections.
  • Promote your #1 with street smarts and speak the language of an MBA Marketing Major.
  • Gain the marketing and sales skills to communicate your USP!
  • Understand that you are making an impact not only in your life, but also your family’s and your community’s.

This week, your budding business idea is sprouting ears to hear everything about your Target Markets, a nose to sniff out opportunity, and a throat to voice how you are unlike your competition. You’ll encapsulate what you have learned in all 6 Steps by turning in a draft of your #BankableBusinessPlan covering your Executive Summary, Target Markets, Products & Services, and Marketing & Sales.

Step 7: Social Media

Now that you’ve been promoting your new business, you may have even landed your first client. By now, Judi has seen the majority of #StartMyBusinessToday students celebrate their first sale. It’s time to expand your footprint through your network ~ on social media. For some people, although social media may seem like a lot of noise, Judi will help you create a manageable strategy and system to keep your social media on track. In Week 7, you will…

  • Review how fast your iceberg is melting.
  • Learn the basics of different popular social media accounts.
  • Discover techniques to attract people to your posts.
  • Create a repeatable social media strategy.
  • Sit back and hit post with ease and grace.
  • Realize a sense of relief when you see the results of your social media campaigns.
  • Get ready to build your presence on the Internet!

Social media is your budding business idea’s nervous system that connects to the world at large. Like a modern kindergartener on a playground, strangers become friends and clients with a click of a button. Like.

Step 8: Effective Websites

After you experimented with getting out in the World Wide Web, you are gearing up to make a simple website. Today a website is the equivalent of your brochure, PR Kit, and business card. It shows your potential customers what your #1 Product or Service is, who your customers are, and how to contact you. Judi and the Imagine Team of experts will hold your hand to guide you to make a sample website. In Week 8, you will…

  • See what makes a good website.
  • Investigate different website platforms, or a Content Management System (CMS).
  • Research various hosting services.
  • Get a step-by-step guide on creating a website on your own and get connected to various web mistresses.
  • Explore the simplicity of themes.
  • Experience how your hard work is paying off by beginning to birth your budding business idea online!

The website is the bones of your business. Every business needs one. Learning how to create a simple one on your own will save you beaucoup bucks on hiring a web developer and designer.

Step 9: Board of Advisors

You are in full gear with your hustle on! By now, you are looking beyond mentors to creating your Board of Advisors. Judi and the Imagine Team lead you through the 5 forms of legal incorporation for for-profit businesses. Also what makes a good contract is covered as well as the process of contract negotiation. Finally, the hottest topic in today’s service economy of contractors vs. employees is illuminated. In Week 9, you will…

  • Learn about the basics of legal incorporation.
  • Evaluate your own personal situation.
  • Figure out what type of incorporation suits you and your industry.
  • Know more about federal, state, and potential local legal requirements.
  • Understand more about contracts.
  • Speak legalese with greater confidence.
  • Feel more at ease knowing when you might want to  consider DIY and when it’s best to contact a lawyer.
  • Know the major differences between contractors vs. employees.
  • Get ready to start dotting Is and crossing Ts with the number of documents that you’ll electronically sign!

It’s getting official! The birth announcements are online as your budding business idea sprouts arms and hands from its body. With your favorite writing utensil, you are ready to “Sign Here.” After all, you are in charge; your gleaming John Hancock signature is required.

Step 10: Profit

You are at the point where it’s time to start planning your costs and expenses! Wait if you are legally open, then it’s time to deduct your startup expenses. Yes, it’s ok to minus your costs from any money from your clients, but you’ll have to check with an accountant first about your industry limits. Judi and the Imagine Team help you to know how to calculate your profit in a Profit & Loss (or Income) statement and Break-Even. In Week 10, you will…

  • Figure out your maximum Gross Profit with your #1.
  • Assess your business income potential.
  • Learn about the basics of tax-deductible expenses.
  • Understand the role of COGS for Product-based businesses.
  • Reinforce information about federal, state, and potential local legal and tax requirements.
  • Talk like a CPA with greater confidence.
  • Feel more at ease knowing when you might want to consider DIY and when it’s best to contact an accountant.
  • Get familiar with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements for small businesses.
  • Become a more official business by deciding on how you’ll incorporate.
  • Start dotting Is and crossing Ts with the number of documents that you’ll electronically sign!

Accounting is the brain of our budding business idea. By now, you love numbers! You’ve realized that numbers are your new best friend. You’ve either made peace with calculating how much currency you’ll spend and earn or you found a new best friend in your accountant that you’ll pay to do your books. By educating yourself, it is cheaper since you spend less time with your lawyer and accountant. If you buy the E-Book, even more information, such as a Balance Sheet, Operating Profit, Net Profit, and COR for Service-based businesses is explained in the #StartMyBusinessToday E-Book.

Step 11: Operations

You are so close to launching! To run a successful business, you’ll figure out an effective system of Operations. Judi and the Imagine Team will enlighten you on how to create a well-oiled profit machine as you step into your flow with new muscles that need daily training. You’ll change. In Week 11, you will…

  • Uncover where to find the time to start and run your business.
  • Discover the value of your time.
  • Learn the basics of the different kinds of insurance.
  • Reinforce information about federal, state, and potential local legal, tax, and insurance requirements for yourself and employees.
  • Converse with an insurance agent with greater confidence.
  • Feel more at ease knowing when you might want to consider the various types of insurance.
  • Become a more official business by deciding on how you’ll protect your assets.
  • Start dotting Is and crossing Ts with the number of documents that you’ll electronically sign!

What would brains be without brawn? In this step, you’ll flex your budding business idea muscles as you consider what it takes to scale and scope your business. You’ll discover the value of your time and whether you’ll hire employees. If you buy the #StartMyBusinessToday E-Book, additionally you’ll create a SOP (Standard Operations Procedures or Policy) for your employees.

Step 12: Funding

Congratulations on reaching the last step! It’s amazing how much you know about starting and running a business from your experiences throughout this Program in 12 weeks. Judi and the Imagine Team will take you through the 3 tiered-process of hunting for funding. In Week 12, you will…

  • Assess your startup costs and funding needs.
  • Discover the value of your money.
  • Learn the basics of funding options.
  • Feel more at ease knowing when you might want to  consider DIY and when it’s best to contact potential funders.
  • Become a more official business by deciding on how you’ll protect your equity.
  • Start dotting Is and crossing Ts with the number of documents that you’ll electronically sign!

At this point, you’ve grounded your legs and feet firming into your budding business idea. You know your #1 inside and out. Your #BankableBusinessPlan documents your progress and integrates your knowledge. You feel like a world-class MBA graduate! But that’s not the end of how we can help you! If you have only bought the #StartMyBusinessToday E-Book, you’ll only be eligible for funding if you purchase an additional #BankableBusinessPlan review. Of course, if you are in the #StartMyBusinessToday Program, you have one week after completion of Step 12 to turn in an “Almost Final” version of your #BankableBusinessPlan in Week 13. Judi and Imagine Team will return it to you with commentary in Week 14. You’ll have another week to complete your “Final Final” version for a successful completion of the Program in Week 15. After Week 16, we’ll even connect you to potential funders. We can’t guarantee funding, but 100% of our students that opted for funding were fully funded in less than two months!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online course? Judi and the Imagine Team created this online course, so that people could listen and learn without the hassles and expenses of commuting or driving and parking. Anyone can participate at their own convenience.   What special equipment do I need? To participate, you’ll need access an email address, a computer with an Internet connection, and for the DIY version, the E-Book. For the Live Group Coaching calls, if offered, you’ll need a phone to dial in. There are public libraries that offer computers with an Internet connection. If you choose to use a public library, you’ll need headphones. If you don’t have a phone, you might be able to apply through your state for a low cost/free telephone.

About Judi Rhee Alloway

@JudiRheeAlloway is the Founder @WomensBizCoop and President of Imagine Leadership LLC. Considered one of the top women innovators by the U.S. Department of Labor, she’s happy to help you innovate solutions in life, love, and leadership, and the love of your life, your business. Judi was also an Entrepreneurial Curriculum Consultant for the Thunderbird School of Global Management, rated the #1 International MBA by U.S. News and World Report. A former Director of a Women’s Business Center funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration, Judi has consulted over 1,000 of clients start, launch, and manage a business.

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

12 60-minute+ Program Sessions with Judi and the Imagine Team In the weekly program sessions with Judi and the Imagine Team, you’ll learn powerful transformative techniques, write a #BankableBusinessPlan, and go for initial seed funding. Some Steps are longer than 60 minutes to make sure that you get all of the information that you need. We recommend parceling out 2 hours in a quiet space to listen to each Step and start to work on the HomePlay assignments. You may need an additional 1-4 hours a week to complete the required assignments. Program Sessions are available on Monday evenings at 8:00pm EST. Step #1 begins on the Monday after your registration. Each session is approximately 60 minutes, but you’ll want to block at least 2 hours for assessments, exercises, and homeplay.

HomePlay for Each Step To guide and support you through these transformative processes, Judi and the Imagine Team have created weekly homeplay assignments that will empower you to experience success in a new way—as a fountain of passion, purpose, and prosperity in your life. You’ll be able to share your experience with your #StartMyBusinessToday online community and receive constructive direction, support, and friendship that you need to change to your life.

Our Exclusive Online Community Forum You’ll meet people who share with you this journey and understand what you are going through. As you continue through the process, you have the opportunity to discover and reveal your breakthroughs. You will begin to feel more empowered as your practice with your community and small groups, if applicable, first before testing them out in the real world.

If you do decide to go for funding, you’ll have the opportunity to network with 1.5 million people around the world who become your customers, supporters, and even partners for your budding new business. Also we’ll promote your soft launch to our email lists, social media channels, and local to international networks, depending on your target markets.

12 Transcripts of Each Weekly Step Judi acknowledges that she can speak fast and packs a lot into one Step. Transcripts are downloadable, so you can listen along.

Handouts with Each Weekly Step You’ll also receive key assessments and numerous weekly handouts to be completed for each weekly Step. Our exclusive Marketing Assessment is valued at $300 and is included in this Program free of charge!

If you have any questions, please email us info@startmybusinesstoday.com and we’ll be happy to help you.

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